The Good Farm

The Good Farm is a Virtual Reality game inspired by Stardew Valley created as part of a virtual reality class. Our team, consisting of four students, developed this game as part of a virtual reality class over a span of approximately two months. We built it using Unity and SteamVR.

In the game, players manage a farm where they can grow and sell vegetables. We tried to experiment with advanced Unity features such as day/night cycle, water shaders, particles effects for the watering can, and even made a navigation system for a cat accompanying the player.

A screenshot of the game
A screenshot of the tutorial for the cat

The game’s final version may appear a bit rough due to the learning curve of VR technology and advanced Unity features within our limited time frame. Nonetheless, we learned a lot about working with VR and collaborated effectively as a team.

The final build can be downloaded through this link. It is recommended to play the game with a HTC Vive VR headset.