Super Nario Story is a game created for the “Make Something Horrible” game jam, organised by the French video game magazine CanardPC. The objective of the game jam was to create a terrible game while combining a video game studio with a franchise. I came up with a Mario game as if it were crafted by Telltale Games. This resulted in a platform game centered around Quick Time Events, featuring sequences where players have to make choices that significantly influence the storyline.

I continued to developed new episodes for 5 years, consistently releasing each games on January 1st. Throughout these projects, I maintained a universe reminiscent of the classic Mario games, with characters such as “Nario”, “The Fungi” and “Bowsy”. The intentionally unappealing artwork aligns with the “horrible” theme of the game jam, and also accounts for my lack of artistic expertise.

Other those 5 years of creating episodes of Super Nario Story, I perfected my knowledge in Unity. Besides, this provided me with the opportunity to implement coding techniques acquired during my time in engineering school.

Thumbnail of the first episode

All the episodes of Nario are available on :

Nario in the pyramid
Nario in the volcano
A cinematic of the game featuring Nario