I read the JavaScript Weekly newsletter regularly to stay updated on the latest in JS technology. Back in August 2020, the newsletter highlighted a minimalistic game engine called 24a2. It is designed to animate a grid of 24 by 24 pixels with a limited color set.

Seeing that a bunch of folks had already made games with this engine, I decided to give it a shot too. I chose to make a version of an 80’s game called Rogue, that inspired the genre of rogue-like games. In this game, players have to defeat ennemies in a procedurally generated dungeon. Enemies and bonuses appear randomly in each levels.

Screenshot of the first Rogue

The game is available on this page. I had the opportunity to get 24Rogue featured on the engine’s GitHub page.

Screenshot of the game

The green dot represent the player. The pink/purple dots are the ennemies and the yellow/orange dots are bonuses.